Individuals with Dissabilities

In the framework of the Individuals with Dissabilities Action:

  • Numerous information events took place, such as Conferences on issues regarding the phenomenon of the Earthquake, Seismic Protection of Buildings, Integrity of Monuments, Prediction and Forecasting of Earthquakes etc. ECPFE organizes Conferences aiming at the dissemination of knowledge and the exchange of viewpoints and experiences of the scientific world in Greece and Europe as well.
  • The design of the application “E-learning about earthquake protection for people with disabilities” has started in 2010, during which:
    • there was an English translation of the EPPO brochure “Learning about earthquakes and protection measures”
    • an e-learning platform was designed to host this educational material
  • The webpage of the European Center was designed and updated in 2011, were the e-learning platform was posted