Reduction of Vulnerability

  • In 2011, in the framework of the programmed action “Implementation of Eurocode 8 (EC8) - Part 3 for the evaluation and support of existing buildings”, the first five chapters of the Code of Interventions (KAN.EPE) that is harmonized with EC8 were translated by a working group of scientists. The translation of the Code of Interventions was completed by EPPO (2011).
  • The 12th Ministerial Session of OPA of the Council of Europe took place in St Petersburg on 28 September 2010. In this meeting Mrs. EvagelIia Pelli, Civil Engineer MSc, Head of the Division of Earthquake Design of EPPO and deputy Director of the ECPFE presented a paper entitled: «Vulnerability reduction of structures». (RUSSIA PRESENTATION.pdf)
  • On 18 December 2009, the preliminary Meeting of the Group of Experts on Vulnerability took place in Paris. Professor Konstantinos Makropoulos, Chairman of the Administration Board of EPPO and Deputy National Correspondent at OPA, represented ECPFE. (PARIS.pdf)