Seminar on Active Faults

Athens, Greece
13/09/1995 to 17/09/1995

Seminar on Active Faults


The programme of the Seminar included lectures given in the first day in Athens, and a four-day field-trip in several places with active seismic faults mainly in the Peloponnese.

At the end of the Seminar, an 80-page Volume of Proceedings was issued with the following contents:

  1. An introduction to the Geology of Peloponnese (Southern Greece), (D.Papanikolaou)
  2. The present geodynamic regime of the Hellenic territory, (I.Fountoulis)
  3. The deformation of the area around the eastern Korinthian Gulf, affected by the earthquakes of Feb.-Mar. 1981, (I.Mariolakos, D.Papanikolaou, N.Simeonidis, S.Lekkas, Z.Karotsieris, Ch.Sideris)
  4. A proposed tectonic model for the evolution of the Gulf of Korinth, (I.Mariolakos)
  5. The neotectonic evolution of the Isthmus of Korinthos area, (I.Mariolakos, E.Stiros)
  6. Neotectonic faults and seismicity in the ancient Eliki area, (N.Mouyiaris)
  7. The neotectonics of NW Peloponnese - The earthquake of Oct.16,1988, (I.Mariolakos, I.Fountoulis, E.Lekkas)
  8. The Pyrgos earthquake- the geological and geotechnical conditions of the Pyrgos area, (W.Peloponnese, Greece), (E.Lekkas, D.Papanikolaou, I.Fountoulis)
  9. Geomorphology of the area around Kalamata, (V.Sabot)
  10. The neotectonic macrostructure of southern Peloponnesus. The earthquakes of Sept.13,1986, (I.Mariolakos, S.Lozios, E.Logos)
  11. Description of the itinerary, (I.Mariolakos, I.Fountoulis)