History and Future of Eurocode 8

Athens, Greece
06/12/1996 to 07/12/1996
Symposium on

History and Future of Eurocode 8


Was organized by the European Centre on Prevention and Forecasting of Earthquakes (ECPFE) and the Greek Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization (EPPO) in co-operation with the Laboratory of Reinforced Concrete of National Technical University of Athens (Director Prof. Th. P. Tasios).

The aim of this Symposium was to provide the European Engineers, as well as those responsible for drafting National Codes, with information related to the scientific, legal and organisational environment of the European Aseismic Code.

Moreover, European Engineers will be able to take advantage of a global presentation of the European Aseismic Code, which also includes chapters that are not covered by National Codes in Europe. This event also offered the possibility to discuss the conditions under which the European Union is going to plan future procedures for the finalization of EC8.

The speakers were selected among who have contributed to the preparation of EC8, and those who are dealing with the organization of future development of EC8 (collection of final comments, evaluation, legal status).

A 375-page Volume of Proceedings was issued, with the following contents:

  1. The History of EC8, (H. Bossenmayer)
  2. The actual state of EC8, (P. Pinto)
  3. About the future of EC8, (E. C. Carvalho)
  4. The framework of Eurocodes in Greece, (A. Placas)
  5. Reinforced concrete structures (M. Fardis)
  6. Steel structures, (I. Vayas)
  7. Masonry structures, (E. Vintzileou)
  8. Composite structures, (A. Karamanos)
  9. Soil, (G. Gazetas)
  10. Repair and strengthening, (T. P. Tasios)
  11. Bridges, (V. Kolias)
  12. Towers, Masts, Chimneys, (G.Gross)