10 years after the Earthquake of Athens: “Experiences and Lessons”

Athens, Greece
03/12/2009 to 04/12/2009
Two-day meeting

10 years after the Earthquake of Athens: “Experiences and Lessons”

Department of Geophysics, University of Athens
Institue of Geodynamics, National Observatory of Athens

This anniversary two-day meeting was co-organized by the Department of Geophysics of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the Institute of Geodynamics of the National Observatory of Athens and the ECPFE.

The objective of the meeting was the review of the experiences and the lessons gained by the earthquake of Athens and relevant destructive earthquakes. The program included lectures by special scientists from Greece and abroad, as well as a special session that was organized by the ECPFE

Distinguished scientists from the USA participated in this special session and they developed their own experiences on the critical sector of information manipulation by Journalists and the Media in relation to the prediction of earthquakes as well as during a seismic event.

For this reason, a common code of conduct should be established, as noted during the Conference “Earthquake Prediction: State – of – the – Art”, that was organized by ECPFE in Strasburg on 15-18 of October 1991, in order:

  1. on one hand, for the Journalists to show integrity so as not to disperse incorrect information to the public in case there is a prediction or during an earthquake, since such news have social, psychological, political and financial consequences on the population.
  2. on the other hand, for scientists that are involved with the prediction of earthquakes to follow the legal procedure, calling on the standing committees of EPPO, and more specifically:
    • the Special Standing Committee on Seismic Risk Assessment and Evaluation of Seismic Risk. This committee deals with stating its opinion in cases of pre-earthquake information or forecasts or in cases of seismic flares or during periods of aftershock.
    • the Special Committee of Assessment of the Short-term Development of Seismicity. This committee is of advisory nature and its objectives are:
      • a) the evaluation of scientific data in cases of short-term earthquake predictions, seismic flares and precursors or accompanying geodynamic phenomena, which create exceptional and urgent needs.
      • b) direct provision of advice and recommendation on what protection measures are indicated in each case.


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