The Dramatic Earthquake Disaster in Kobe

Athens, Greece
A one-day Seminar concerning

The Dramatic Earthquake Disaster in Kobe

United Nations
IDNDR 1990-2000

The Seminar was organised by the ECPFE and EPPO.

During the Seminar an outline of response activities and disaster measures was presented, after the Hanshin-Awaji earthquake, as well as a number of data concerning the damage of buildings and lifelines. Such presentations were made by Japanese and Greek experts and scientists. The Seminar was attended by engineers, policy makers and practitioners involved in emergency response.

In addition, a technical meeting was held on May 16th, during which there was an exchange of experiences between the Japanese guests, delegates of Agencies and Organisations dealing with lifelines, and senior staff from EPPO. Also, representatives of Public Electricity Corporation, Water Supply Corporation and Gas Public Corporation participated and exchanged views and useful information on the issue of protection and prevention of damage to lifelines.